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FPGA Design Engineer
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About me

Electronics Engineer, FPGA Design Engineer and a microcontroller programmer.

I have experience in SystemVerilog hardware description language for RTL design and verification, and C language for microcontroller programming on bare metal and with RTOS. I can develop desktop applications for Linux in Qt/C++ and for Windows in C#. My experience includes working with Altera, Xilinx, GoWin FPGA microchips, STM32, XMOS, NXP, AVR microcontrollers and Altera NIOS SoC systems. I can design, routing and soldering electronic circuits.

I have extensive experience in EMC and troubleshooting of electrical boards. My job always requires me to have strong attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.

I have worked with radars and nondestructive testing systems, ultrasonic phased arrays, EDM and CNC machines, electrical substations, ATE, asynchronous, stepper and servo motors, Ethernet protocols (UDP/IP, ARP, GOOSE/GSE), USB 3.0/2.0 controllers, DSP (FIR, CIC, FFT, PSK modulation), CAN, CANopen, PCI, Avalon and AMBA AXI bus, MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC 429, UART, ModBus RTU, I2C, SPI and SerDes LVDS, SDRAM.

I am always interested in learning new technologies, new programs and new fields of knowledge independently that are needed for work.

My main achievements include:

– A prototype of a mechanical radar system where I created firmware for FPGA and programs for microcontrollers and computers. I emitted, received and processed radiolocation signals. I implemented a field oriented control (vector control) for electric motors using a Sin-Cos encoder and PWM. I depicted radiolocation images with MatLab.
– A prototype of an ultrasonic phased array system where I developed FPGA design, a microcontroller program and a debug program for PC. I formed an ultrasonic beam and calculated a synthetic aperture for a 32-elements linear array of transducers.
– A spark cutting 4-axis multipass CNC machine where I developed circuit design, FPGA and microcontroller programs as well as a user interface for Linux.
– I have mastered the XMOS 16-cores processor that can replace FPGAs in some tasks.

Work Experience

Embedded Software Engineer
SPE Meatec Ltd 2018-10-01 - 2023-06-30 I have developed firmware and electronic circuits for a 4-axis wire-cut electrical discharge machine (EDM) and for a stone cutting CNC machine. I used: - STM32 MCU, TrueStudio, C - Intel FPGA, Quartus, QuestaSim, SystemVerilog - Linux, Qt, C++ - electronic circuits, EasyEDA, P-CAD - G-code
FPGA Design Engineer
SPC Echo+ Ltd 2015-10-01 - Developed FPGA controllers for an ultrasonic phased array system and two-channel TOFD non-destructive testing (NDT) systems. I formed ultrasonic beams, calculated a synthetic aperture and scanned defects in solid materials. - Altera FPGA, Quartus, QuestaSim, SystemVerilog - DSP, FIR, accumulation, envelope, SerDes ADC, quadrature rotary encoder - Altera SoC NIOS MCU, Eclipse, C - Cypress FX2 & FX3 (USB2.0, USB3.0) controllers - C# - servomotors, CANopen, C++ CLI


Optics and Electronics Engineering
Master's degree 1994-09-01 - 2000-01-14


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