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I am a logistics optimization specialist with a master’s degree in Supply Chain Management. With a strong focus on driving efficiency and ensuring customs compliance, I have a proven track record in streamlining import/export processes. Leveraging advanced software solutions like LOSSY, BPCS, and SAP, I optimize logistics operations by automating document requests, tracking shipments, and calculating transportation costs.


SRH University of Applied Sciences North Rhine Westphalia
Masters 2016-09-09 - 2022-11-22 With a solid educational background in import/export, warehouse and logistics management, and customs and export control, I possess comprehensive knowledge in these critical areas of international trade. Through my studies, I gained expertise in handling documentation, customs procedures, and compliance regulations, ensuring smooth cross-border transactions while adhering to legal requirements. Additionally, my education equipped me with the skills to optimize warehouse operations, implement efficient inventory control measures, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency. With this strong foundation, I am well-prepared to contribute to organizations' success in managing their import/export processes, warehouse operations, and customs compliance effectively.


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